Jan 22, 2014

Age has Nothing to do with it.

I get the feeling that young architects get the idea (I dont know from whom or where), that they are supposed to re invent the wheel.
As if being young grants you the gift of innovation. I think youth grants you many thing in the profession of architecture (and in life in general) a fresh perspective, a fast exitable mind, a healthy body, and even in many regards the bliss of ignorance. certainly being a young professional is a gift, that should be treasured, but it doesn't assure or imposes the ability to make breakthroughs or to be the leader of your generation of designers.

Of course being an older architect doesn't grant you to be so experienced you'll make a change on your field either. The thing is, is not the age that matters in the one that does, is the doing. Getting caught up on what being a "young architect" means, distracts many people of what being just an "architect" is.
It is about doing and creating, about always learning and sharing; since architecture is a very social endevor, is not only useful, but necessary to share with all kinds of people.

The only thing that comes from a delusional young architect that believes that he or she is set out in the world to change the way we understand the discipline, is either frustration, when they fail to do it, or denial to recognize that they carry all the aspects of architecture that they thing they are opposing.
Im all for inovation, and as a young architect myself I am an idealist also, who wants to change so many thing in the field. But once in a while i try to eat a bit of humbling pie and recognize that if I may or may not contribute to the world of architecture, age had nothing to do with it.

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